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Dr. Ira Grossman (Florida License #9168) 
AVMA Member - USDA Accredited

                                                                         Dr. Grossman has been providing personalized affordable small animal veterinary services since 1980. He completed his formal internship at the prestigious Animal Medical Center in NYC. 

Dr Michael Dym (FL License #11555)
AVMA Member

Presidential scholar graduate with a BS in animal science from Cornell University, as well as VMD from the University of PA. in 1991. Have studied classical homeopathy since 1997 with extensive advanced training and coursework from Richard Pitcairn, DVM, PHD, since initial professional course. www.doctordym.com

"My commitment and passion to enhancing our pets' health, and strengthening the human/animal bond is what drives my dedication and passion to become a better homeopath through training and education. I live with my family in West Palm, Florida, and practice progressive integrative conventional medicine and/or holistic and homeopathic options depending upon the individual case".

Personal Goals: to offer our animal companions the wonderful potential
of getting well through the use of homeopathy, and to educate the public about the benefits of this healing art and science.

Memberships: American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association; American Veterinary Medical Association; The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy.

Dr. Kelly Herron (FL License #12725)

Performs ER services overnight, from 8pm-8am.

Dr. Richard Kelleher (FL License #8155)

Performs most of our surgeries as well as sees regular appointments and emergencies. 

Dr. Michael Shaff (FL License #2602)

Performs ER services overnight, from 8pm-8am.

Dr. Alexa Jurak (FL License #12590)
USDA Accredited

Performs ER services overnight, from 8pm-8am.

Dr. George Zafir (FL License #3778)

Regular appointments and emergencies. 

Dr. Riley Pierce (FL License #13468)

Regular appointments and emergencies.

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