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Pet Physical Examinations

The health of your pet must undergo physical inspection. To keep our patients healthy, we advise yearly physical examinations!

Pet Physical Examinations in Loxahatchee, FL

We advise getting checked every year or every six months because many diseases can advance extremely quickly. For your pet’s age, we will choose which blood and urine tests are ideal, and we’ll make sure to explain when extra tests like blood pressure checks, X-rays, or fecal testing are required.

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Pet Physical Examinations

We will review your pet’s medical history and any present issues during a wellness examination. At Palms West Veterinary Hospital, our doctors will perform a complete physical examination to help identify any potential issues before they become significant health issues. Regular physical examinations can help prevent a variety of pet health issues. Therefore, we advise having your pet examined at least once a year.

A physical examination involves checking your pet’s ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, skin, limbs, and joints. The vet will also examine your pet’s tummy, lymph nodes, heart, and lungs.

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Pet Physical Examinations

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