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Pet Travel Certificates

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Pet Travel Certificates in Loxahatchee, FL

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A travel certificate shows that a pet is in excellent health and satisfies all domestic or international travel criteria.

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Pet Travel Certificates

Both you and your pet may enjoy the experience of flying. To ensure your pet’s health, safety, and eligibility for air travel, there are numerous things to consider as you make travel plans. A current health certificate and a record of vaccines are the absolute minimum requirements. The airline’s several regulations can change at any time. Important factors include:

  • Health documents—Pet health certificate, vaccinations such as rabies, or other health requirements
  • Size of pet—Determines if your pet can accompany you in the cabin or must travel in the cargo area.
  • Type of carrier—Restrictions on size, materials, labeling, and bedding
  • Temperature—Airlines may restrict the transport of pets placed in their cargo hold based on the anticipated arrival and departure temperature
  • Fees—Additional handling fees may be required for your pet
  • Security screening/check-in—Details regarding extra time or requirements for checking in your pet

Why does my pet need a certificate to travel?

Health certificates are federal documentation that proves your pet is fit to travel and will not harm other pets or people.

Animal health regulations vary by state, and airlines may have their pet travel policies. Check with your airline and the places you’ll visit to see if a health certificate is required. We strongly advise you to check

When should I start the process?

Because animal health regulations vary by state and airline, we recommend contacting our registered veterinary office as soon as your travel dates are set to receive a health certificate.

Travel certificates must be issued within 10 days before departure. It is crucial to note that a pet must be at least eight weeks old and fully weaned before traveling. Again, we strongly advise visiting the APHIS website for precise details. To give time for meeting standards, the process should begin early.

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